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    Nominations Open

    Nominations Open: It's time to nominate the best industry elites!
    1. Click the "Nominate" button;
    2. Fill in the information. You can select no more than 3 awards for each nominee.
    3. Hit the "Submit" button;
    4. Nominee's avatar will be displayed upon approval.

    Voting Period

    Voting Period: Vote is in full swing!
    1. Click the "Vote" button and submit your information for logging in;
    2. Scroll down to the nominee list and select your favorate nominees to vote;
    3. You are able to cast up to 10 votes per day for any nominees under any awards.

    Award Ceremony

    Please stay tuned to the award ceremony!
    Winners will be awarded after the voting period.

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        Hall of Fame Winners List

        Brokerage Fintech